Exploration Bongard & Carow art

What is an EXPLORATION? Well – it’s a mix between a studio visit, an exhibition, a rehearsal, an art performance. An exhibition format wich we – Katrin Bongard & Uwe Carow – created to show not simply our work but our work in progress as well as our joined exhibition process.

People can attend, visit, observe us in action or later on in the process can watch the final state of the installation/exhibition. Chat with us or simply enjoy.

Our first EXPLORATION was meant to be a normal exhibition, but we just returned from a roadtrip through Europe and we felt, that an exhibition was not enough or too much at the same time. We weren’t ready to showcase something, but we were ready to show our work in progress. In EXPLORATION #1 we explored three different exhibition projects.

This was the moment we realize: This is it and what we want. An exhibition in progress. Two artists exploring each other, combining their work, finding new ways of exhibiting, communicating through art.

As all projects or experiments or explorations – the outcome is unsure. This – we love. It’s like all things exiting, they are in progress: Relationships, society, mindsets, science, future, art.

If you want to be invited to one of our exhibitions, send a mail@bongard-carow-art.com and join our newsletter.