Katrin Bongard

Katrin BongardKatrin Bongard was born in Berlin (West), raised as an artist and learned the craft early. She shared studio spaces with many artists in the 80th and exhibits regularly since the 90th.

In the 80th she lived in a squatted a house, met Uwe Carow and began collaborating with him. Since then they are highly interested in exhibiting in special places like abandoned factories, empty store rooms as well as their own studio. (Which was for some time an old Prussian military building.)

Katrin also worked as a screenwriter and agent in the film industry for over twenty years. She published several books with major publishing companies in Germany and founded the Book Label RED BUG BOOKS with Uwe in 2012 as a way to publish her graphic novels and books more independently.

Find more about Katrin on her website.